You can actually see this failure in two stages. In the first stage -- the pre-rebuild stage -- the Phillies had a weak farm system and nearly every player at the top of their system failed. Consider, for example, their prospects in 2013, when they were widely recognized to have one of the worst systems in baseball.

"We know we have had positive players that have played on game day -- not with our knowledge," Sills said. "But there have been unfortunately instances during the season where a player was tested in the morning and the game was played and we did not get a result until overnight or until the next morning of a positive test. That has happened before. It did not happen in this situation." Pittsburgh Pirates Face Masks
Mlb Fanatics Face Mask

Well, in Orlando a couple of years ago, I found myself in line to get food behind Bill James. I'm not unlike many baseball writers and wanna-be analysts -- James has had and continues to have a profound impact on the way I think about the game. We also happen to have both been raised in the rural Midwest. I was introduced to him once years ago at a SABR event in Kansas City, but it was awkward and fleeting, so I knew he didn't recognize me. I followed him through the food line, which had to take at least 10 minutes. I encountered him again waiting for the elevator, then rode up the elevator with him for a few floors, just the two of us. I may have nodded at him at some point, but no words were exchanged. Cincinnati Reds Face Masks

If players want to leave the hotel, they must get approval first from the team's compliance officer.

Kaegel will receive the Spink award along with the late Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe during a double ceremony on July 24. Cafardo was the 2020 Spink winner, and the 2020 inductions were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Colorado Rockies Face Masks

"Chris Young's background and experiences will be a huge asset to our baseball operations group," Daniels said. "He is a very well-regarded executive in our game. Chris' 13-year MLB career, including two seasons with the Rangers, gives him a perspective that is unique in baseball management."

Rogers: The Cubs' signing of Lester in 2015 was on the verge of falling apart at times before it finally came together. Both sides were unsure if the other was being completely honest about leaks, but when the deal came to pass, all were thrilled. But it came close to not happening. Afterward, the Cubs' party began in their suite and moved down to the hotel bar for a long night of celebrating. Atlanta Braves Face Masks

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