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The Hurricanes wear face covering off the ice, in the locker room area and when around each other. The trainers and equipment staff all have masks at the training camp. They’re taking all the precautions. Tennessee Titans for NHL Face Masks

The Canada-United States border is closed to nonessential travel, and Canada has said it will remain so until the pandemic is under control. Commissioner Bettman said even if NHL teams could cross, the issue of quarantine remains.

"The goaltending situation has kind of been an albatross for us and weighed on us, heavily, so it was the first thing we were looking to address (in the offseason)," MacKinnon said. "You have to give a ton of credit to (executive vice president of hockey operations) Martin Brodeur. He and [Fitzgerald] worked together to make Crawford happen because it wasn't a slam dunk at all. It took some selling, recruiting. But Marty's relationship with Corey weighed heavily into it, and the opportunity for [Crawford] to do something really meaningful here in kind of a tandem role with Blackwood appealed to him."

It should be noted that Frank Gunn of The Canadian Press reported two days ago that "the Ontario Hospital Association today asked the Ontario government for a strict four-week lockdown in regions with high rates of COVID-19 positivity that would include Toronto and Ottawa" and that "the mayors of Toronto and Mississauga both said on Wednesday that they want a strict four-week lockdown to begin over the winter holidays to slow the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the GTA." Maybe Ontario will actually do the responsible thing and listen to its constituents and medical professionals as opposed to two NHL teams? One can hope that intelligence wins out here. Miami Dolphins for NHL Face Masks
Fanatics Sports Apparel Face Masks

“A lot of what we’re seeing is kids passing it to kids, not in our athletic venues, but in driving in cars together, participating in sleepovers, pizza parties — all of those sort of natural social behaviors of teenagers,” said Lang from ASD.

Speaking Wednesday at the Sports Business Journal's "Dealmakers in Sport" panel, Bettman said: "We've been absolutely unequivocal with the players that we are not trying to renegotiate."

The League has targeted Jan. 1, 2021 for the start of this season.

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